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a. h. garner

Art is an effort to study and to communicate the tactile and visual experience I have of the world around us.  Sculpture affords me the best opportunities to combine both tactile and visual experiences.

Sculpture is both revelation and contemplation:

 Art can open our perception in ways we may not have anticipated, and direct our gaze outward, into the world.  When we cease to find newness in our observation of the world around us and we cease to wonder at its ever-changing complexity, we cease to grow.  Personal discovery is one of the strongest teachers.  I am most interested in art that stimulates personal growth by fostering discovery and new perception. 

 Art can also narrow and sharpen the focus of our attention, pushing the world aside.  The daily world of busy-ness, with an unending barrage of information and unfocused visual and aural stimulation generates fatigue and dulls sensitivity.  I am most interested in art that is capable of intensely focusing our attention by shuttering the outer world.

 I strive to achieve work that educates perception and encourages contemplation.