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a. h. garner

Art is an effort to study and to communicate the tactile and visual experience I have of the world around us.  Sculpture affords me the best opportunities to combine both tactile and visual experiences.

Sculpture is both process and product:

 Physical generation of sculpture is of primary importance.  Most of my life with any piece is process, and it is through process that I solidify my intentions.  Starting with preliminary concepts, designs, sketches, including the selection of material(s), transportation, preparation, the actual making, cutting, carving, welding, sizing, coloring, sanding, and continuing through completion, finishing, display, marketing all is process.  This is the most intimate time with any work; the only time with works that are sent directly to exhibits or other homes.

 Experience of the finished sculpture, the product, is of equal importance.  Finished sculpture may reveal or obscure its generative processes, but it is the completed physical presence that others will experience.  It is through this experience the transfer of ideas occurs, the communication to and interaction with other people that gives art meaning and societal value.

 I strive to achieve work that engages equally with its process, and as a finished work.