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a. h. garner

Art is an effort to study and to communicate the tactile and visual experience I have of the world around us.  Sculpture affords me the best opportunities to combine both tactile and visual experiences.

Sculpture is both space and form:

 My sculpture is cutting and carving away to reveal form by making space, and to articulate space by determining form.  Space and form exist together; neither can be perceived without the other.  Space, to be perceptible, must be articulated with intentionally developed forms.  Form is not perceived without space around it to allow articulate perception.

 In some of my sculpture, form dominates; convex form, material surface, texture and color generate immediate sensual experience.  Lasting impressions are of the solid tactile qualities, the form of the sculpture.

 In some of my sculpture, space dominates; concave spaces articulated by surrounding forms focus attention.  Space is more difficult to understand.  Though we live in space, we cannot touch it, gather it, buy, sell or trade it.  Focusing on the revealed form, we are poorly trained to see the space.

 I strive to achieve sculpture that balances space and form, sculpture that delights the physical senses with its form, while delighting the mind with its articulate spaces.  Like a tea cup, a object that we use for the space within it - that is the space and form of sculpture.